Understanding Codependency | Mind Matters | University Behavioral

June 10, 2022

On this episode of Mind Matters, we feature special guest Mary Joye, author of “Codependent Discovery and Recovery 2.0: A Holistic Approach to Healing and Freeing Yourself”. We dive into codependency, including how codependency can lead to a loss of self — and how to find ourselves today.

Dr. Higgins on Addiction | Mind Matters | University Behavioral

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023
This episode of Mind Matters, featuring special guest Dr. Higgins, dives deep into conversations about addiction. This includes the difference between recreational use vs. misuse, when to seek help, how to seek help and more. It may feel difficult to...

Youth Mental Health And School Systems | Mind Matters | University Behavioral

Friday Sep 15, 2023
This episode of Mind Matters takes a deep dive into mental health issues in children. This discussion can act as a guide for parents seeing behavioral issues in their children and who are looking for ways to help. We also talk about behavioral issues...

Attachment | Mind Matters | University Behavioral

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023
On this episode of Mind Matters we are joined by special guest Sandra Stanford, a licensed mental health counselor, as we dive into attachment theory. Where does it originate from? What are the different attachment styles? What do attachment behav...

Perspectives from an Inpatient Psychiatrist | Mind Matters | University Behavioral

Thursday Aug 3, 2023
This month we talked with Dr. Alison Weiss, MD, psychiatrist at La Amistad Behavioral Health Services. Topics include what it is like being a psychiatrist, what she treats on a daily basis and what she is seeing from a medical perspective in our chil...

From Self Criticism to Self-Compassion | Mind Matters | University Behavioral

Friday Apr 28, 2023
Today we are talking with therapist, Sandra Stanford, LMHC about self-criticism and self-compassion.  We will discuss how childhood environments contribute to self-criticism, three elements of self-compassion and easy to understand tools to help comb...