Crisis Stabilization for Adults in Orlando, Florida

If you or a loved one is experiencing a substance abuse or mental health crisis, immediate help is within reach. Our multispecialty providers are here to help you through the crisis stabilization process. University Behavioral Center offers a comprehensive and supportive approach to treatment for co-occurring disorders.

University Behavioral Center Adult Treatment Program

At University Behavioral Center, our adult inpatient programs provide urgent stabilization and treatment 24/7. Experienced caregivers deliver medical support, evidence-based therapies and compassionate care. We’re here for you when you need us most.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center: Why Choose Us?

Patients and providers throughout Central Florida have trusted University Behavioral Center since 1989. Our reputation for high-quality care in substance use and psychiatric disorders is well-known throughout the state and region.

At our adult inpatient treatment programs for substance abuse and mental health, you’ll find:

  • 24/7 crisis services: We’re here around the clock to assess and admit any adult (18 and up) having an urgent mental health or withdrawal crisis. We provide immediate treatment to stabilize patients on a voluntary and involuntary basis. We make every effort to streamline the evaluation and admissions process, so you or your loved one can get care quickly.
  • Advanced medical care: Our hospital setting means we can provide a high level of medical care. Our medical staff is also trained to treat people with comorbidities. These are health conditions that occur alongside behavioral health disorders, such as diabetes, infectious diseases or other chronic conditions.
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders: Substance abuse disorders and psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, depression and personality disorders, often occur together. Our inpatient detox and mental health programs provide specialized care for people with a dual diagnosis. We take an integrated, evidence-based approach to treating co-occurring disorders, which typically leads to better outcomes.
  • Multispecialty providers: Psychiatrists, addiction medicine doctors, behavioral health nurses, addiction and mental health counselors and other providers work together to plan your treatment. We can also coordinate services with caseworkers, dietitians, fitness professionals and community-based resources as needed.
  • More ways to pay for care: Unlike many adult inpatient treatment centers in Florida, we accept Medicare, Medicaid and a wide range of commercial plans. We also offer private pay programs and financial assistance options. By providing more ways to pay for care, we help more people get the help they need to heal.

What Is Crisis Stabilization?

Crisis stabilization is short-term, intensive treatment to help someone having an acute substance use or mental health crisis. The treatments aim to stabilize, or relieve, your severe symptoms.

University Behavioral Center is an inpatient crisis stabilization unit and treatment center. We provide a healing environment where you can get urgent care. We use medication and other therapies to reduce severe symptoms of withdrawal and mental illness.

Inpatient treatment is often the first step in the continuum of care for drug or alcohol use disorders and mental health disorders. As part of University Health Services, we have facilities throughout Central Florida to help you after your short-term care at University Behavioral Center.

Or, if you don’t need urgent stabilization, we can coordinate your transition to a less intensive rehabilitation program.

Our Inpatient Treatment Programs for Adults

University Behavioral Center provides several crisis stabilization programs. We accept individuals voluntarily and involuntarily under the Baker Act. Our treatments are highly individualized. We tailor care to each client’s strengths, interests and goals, as well as their current symptoms and challenges.

We also offer treatment for children and teens having a severe mental health crisis. Learn about our inpatient program for children and teens.

Inpatient Detox Program

We provide urgent, medically supported detox for people with substance use disorders. Treatment focuses on reducing withdrawal symptoms, cravings and the risk of relapse. Learn more about our inpatient detox program.

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Program

Our program helps adults in a psychiatric crisis stabilize their use of medications, understand their mental health diagnoses and learn skills to better cope with symptoms. Find out more about our mental health treatment program.

Military Program

University Behavioral Center is proud to offer mental health and substance use support for active-duty service members, veterans and military families. Our staff includes veteran-trained therapists with specialized training in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Learn more about our military treatment program.

Our Approach to Care

Our 14-acre campus in Orlando provides a peaceful environment where you can begin to heal. Amenities include a swimming pool, wellness center, yoga, gymnasium and outdoor reflection atrium. We draw on a range of research-informed practices, such as trauma-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, to help you meet your recovery goals.

We help you:

  • Develop early recovery principles and skills
  • Enhance your motivation for recovery
  • Identify and process trauma early in your recovery
  • Introduce and practice relapse prevention techniques
  • Manage symptoms of withdrawal and acute mental illness
  • Understand the connection between substance use and mental illness
  • Work with your family and loved ones for recovery support

What to Expect at Our Orlando Crisis Stabilization Unit

We recommend voluntary patients, loved ones or first responders call our facility before arriving, if possible. This allows us to explain what clients should bring and what the admissions experience will be like.

When you arrive at our facility, you can expect:

  • Assessment: Our clinical staff immediately assesses you for inpatient admission. Family members or loved ones will be asked to wait separately. We regularly update them on your status and ensure they understand the admissions process.
  • Admission: If we decide to admit you for short-term inpatient care, we make every effort to streamline the admissions process so you can begin receiving treatment as quickly as possible.
  • Stabilization and treatment: Once admitted, you receive 24/7 medical support during the stabilization period. Once stable, you move to our recovery area for intensive inpatient treatment and counseling.
  • Discharge: After your short-term stay with us, we offer comprehensive discharge planning to help you take the next steps in recovery. We may coordinate your transition to a residential, partial hospitalization or outpatient program.

Get Help Now

Call 407-281-7000 or contact us to get help now. At University Behavioral Center, our staff is available 24/7 for no-cost, confidential assessments. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.

Help and hope are closer than you think.

Personalized mental health and addiction treatment is ready for you. We are here to help.