Fear of the unknown can make it difficult to seek help for mental health issues, especially with the negative way mental health facilities are portrayed on television and in movies — but you shouldn’t worry. This “Hollywood” stigma surrounding mental health hospitals could not be further from the truth.

Mental health hospitals are here to help you or your loved one recover and learn the tools and skills necessary to live a happier, healthier life.

What TV Gets Wrong

A lot has changed over the years in how we approach mental health. Mental health hospitals are now designed more like retreats and college dorms in order to provide the best environment to focus on recovery.

At University Behavioral Center, located in Orlando, Florida, we even offer yoga therapy, swimming in an outdoor, on-site pool and a gourmet dining experience.

Each day at our facility is filled with activities that are engaging and promote wellness from within. Counselors and supporting team members are there for you, to help you meet the goals set by yourself and your team of professionals every day.

Don’t let commons myths and negative messaging from media keep you or your loved one from getting help.

Mental Health Hospitals Put Your Safety First

On TV, a mental health facility may look like a barren, colorless hospital — and for some that may be true.

Mental health facilities are designed to keep patients safe so they may appear “stark” or lack certain décor elements. You or your loved one deserves to receive treatment in a safe environment, and sometimes that means sacrificing a little bit of comfort.

That being said, specialty hospital design teams created the spaces at University Behavioral Center, both indoor and outdoor, with the intention of creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. We even let you to bring in your own blanket or favorite stuffed animal to ensure a home like atmosphere.

Mental Health Treatment is for Everyone

Another myth about mental health hospitals is that the people receiving care are mindless or like zombies. How many movies or TV shows have everyone but the main character in a state of mindless obedience?

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Part of recovery is remaining yourself and finding the best parts of it.

All types of people receive mental health treatment. The people receiving care are ordinary people going through real life issues and are taking a big step in reaching out for help.

Your Treatment Comes First

You will have to give up some creature comforts when going into a mental health facility, but don’t worry — this is with your recovery in mind.

For example, cell phones are often not allowed inside the treatment areas. This is to ensure the confidentiality of all patients and also to help you concentrate on yourself and your wellness. You are there to receive treatment, and a cell phone can be a major distraction.

However, there is, of course, a phone available to contact loved ones throughout your stay. At University Behavioral Center, we want you to stay connected to your loved ones throughout your recovery journey.

Contact University Behavioral Center

Psychiatric stays aren’t necessary for everyone, but they’re a huge benefit for people who need specialized help. University Behavioral Center provides a full range of program options, including inpatient treatment to child, adolescent and adult patients.

Located on a beautiful 14-acre campus in Orlando, Florida, University Behavioral Center is within the Central Florida Research Park Development and neighbors the University of Central Florida. University Behavioral Center’s treatment facilities include a swimming pool, a wellness center and gymnasium, and an outdoor reflection atrium.

The goal for us is to have each patient leave our facility with a new outlook on life and the ability to function safely. Call 407-281-7000 for help today!